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What is a Buyers Agent. Why work with buyers agents?

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How do you make an informed decision when you dont know what you dont know

When you don’t know just what it is that you don’t know … this is the exact time you’d want to work with a professional who does know … you would have to agree!

Benefits of working with a Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate far outweigh trying to go it alone!

Buyers Agents continue to improve on their industry knowledge, their professionalism and their skill set whilst they live, eat and breathe everything property. It thus makes sense to ‘team’ up and work with a professional buyers agent who will guarantee to save you Time, Stress and Money in doing so.

Why wouldn’t you want to save time, stress and money when using your hard earned dollars to buy a property worth half a million dollars and more? This is not pocket change, it’s a serious commitment which you want to get right!

Just think of all the Vendors out there who has a real estate agent selling their property “telling you Exactly what you want to hear, creating the fear of missing out or just how good the deal is” so that you jump on it and buy.

A professional Buyers Agent allows you to maximise your knowledge so that you can make an informed investment or purchase decision. Getting this decision wrong will cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars over the lifetime of you holding this property. Think about the implications, (or perhaps you are unaware of the implications) of getting the purchase even a little bit wrong has on you going forwards in every sphere of your life.

Getting your purchase or investment even slightly wrong

  • Landing up owning a set of problems you didn’t notice in your own research, that will cost you many dollars the longer you hold the property
  • Limiting you choice of properties by not being able to access off market properties or private listings
  • Paying too much
  • Does not suit your future intentions and lifestyle
  • If for investment, the numbers just don’t stack up meaning a poor investment return or even a negative return when the same monies could be working that much harder for you elsewhere
  • Being unaware of adverse nuances the property may have
  • Avoid making the same mistakes other property buyers make
  • … and our experience includes a far longer list of war stores which continues to cost the property holder significant dollars!

Getting your Purchase or Investment Right

Working with the right buyers agent (your due diligence will prove some have a better understanding over others) can only save you time, stress and money.

Your own after tax hard earned dollars need to be used extremely wisely when it comes to property you would agree. If you knew very little about say Surgery, would you perform surgery on yourself to try save a few dollars even if you thought the surgery would not have hurt you? No?

So why try buy a property yourself when the odds are stacked against you because you do not know exactly what it is that you do not know!

When you have choice to make a commercially sound purchase decision, because you are informed and working with a professional who has your own interest at heart, over a ‘thumb suck’ one based on what others have told you about property (who honestly do mean well by you but they own only one view off which they have bought themselves), who in all likelihood have a lot less knowledge than a buyers advocate. Mitigate risk when investing or buying property.

But be aware that not all buyers agents are equal, you need to be comfortable with the one you elect to work with. In our experience having been witness to some of the advice ‘well meaning’ advocates have charged for and given out … ouch!

You may not even really understand what a Buyers Agent does and how they can help you, so lets get into it for you then

Successful Buyers Agents understand property implicitly, they know what to look for in a property and also what to avoid and run away from in a property.

A professional Buyers Advocate has access to property that is both on market (available to the public through the local estate agent) and property that is off market and available through private listings only. This would double your choice of property. And what about the properties that sellers are contacting a good buyers agent to see if they have buyers for, how will you access these without your buyers agent?

You can either sift through lists of properties you find online, then drive around looking where they are and if of interest, then going to so many open for inspections and then attending Auctions only to be outbid and start the process over and over again wasting hours upon hours and getting more disheartened and desperate. When you have family and work and are time poor, the stress at searching for that ideal property always increases. Can you identify with this?

Then when we get desperate we either run and don’t buy or we land up being told exactly what we want to hear, and so we make that fatal mistake because we are in a more desperate mindset. Yes or yes?

A qualified buyers agent understands the market value of the property you are looking at and knows how to negotiate on your behalf to secure you an improved purchasing price. These are skills developed and honed by being in the market every day for many years and will save you money. Now that you can see the process, a professional doing the ground work for you saves you time and stress you will now agree.

A caring buyers agent will want to know upfront the purpose of your purchase, how long you wish to live in the property, what your likes and dislikes are, your maximum budget and time frame to ownership and a lot more so that they can put you in front of a selection of properties which will match what you are wanting without wasting your time. They will also be reviewing a lot more properties than they are showing you, in order to eliminate the ones that have pitfalls or that do not suit and only show you the ones they are confident meet your requirements.

When wanting to Invest, a professional Buyers Agent helping you secure a property for Investment Purposes needs to have a lot more skills and knowledge on how the investment will work.

“Very few properties are Investment Grade!”

Anyone can go out and buy a property BUT very few properties are actually Investment Grade. We will cover this off further down under a separate heading for you; it is that important that you get this decision right at the outset.

A skilled and connected buyers advocate has their ear to the ground and knows about properties before they are advertised, they also know of contracts that have fallen through, or vendors who need to sell, and have access to silent or private listings plus a lot of other inside information you and your best intentioned friends and family do not have you would agree.

A knowledgeable buyers advocate can renegotiate the contract on your behalf when it comes to the price you offer but as important, in adding clauses they have identified which reflect your best interest for you and your intended purchase. This is invaluable!

We know that the Numbers don’t lie!

Investing in Property, the immense Value using a Buyers Agent gives you

When wanting to invest, if you get the investment decision wrong at the outset it financially and physically impedes on everything you do in your life and your families life going forward. This is easily proved and very difficult to share with you as to how and why … but we all know that numbers do not lie (eg. 5 + 23 = 28 and no matter how many times you recalculate, the numbers don’t lie yes?)

Well the numbers which support, underpin and drive your investment, and any future investments going forward, need to work as hard in your favor for you = in order to positively impact your future financial security.

Working with a professional Buyers Agent otherwise knows as Buyers Advocate helps you learn from other peoples mistakes, so that you do not make the same mistakes with your own money.

The costs to you of getting it wrong include :

  • Owning an under-performing Investment Vehicle
  • Giving you a lower return on your investment
  • Costing you more out of your pocket to own and hold onto it
  • Where the same monies you invested in this one could be working that much smarter and harder in a property which is Investment Grade, returning you a higher return on your monies invested
  • Getting it wrong means you also miss out on Lost Opportunity Costs such as : lower cash flow, higher holding costs, lower capital growth, paying the tax man more tax than you should be
  • When you get it wrong and think you are ready for your next investment and on review the bank says you do not qualify for your next loan come back after xyz … once again you are missing out on paying too much income tax, losing out on increased rental income and capital growth, waiting a year or two property values will in all likelihood go up meaning you will be paying more. When you pay more your rent as a percentage of the value of the property will be a lower yield also affecting your portfolio performance and ability to borrow again when you think you are ready … this all compounds!
  • Getting it wrong versus getting it right impedes on every single aspect of your life including the value of your wealth at retirement, the legacy you leave behind, you ability to borrow more when you want to in order to leverage into your next investment, paying the tax man more tax than you should be and the list goes on.
  • Getting it wrong means not taking full advantage of the incredible power of Compounding Growth (capital growth and rental yield increases) affecting the end result of your portfolio and wealth.
  • Getting it wrong is the difference of ever owning only one (or two properties), versus creating financial freedom owning a portfolio of astute investment properties.
  • Getting it wrong is costly in so many ways you would not even be aware of … when working with a professional you have every opportunity of creating your own financial independence and legacy with the exact same dollars you are probably getting it not as right with!

“Working with a professional dramatically improves your future financial income, mitigating risk you are not aware of, enabling you to further your financial independence and improve on the legacy you want to leave behind and be known for!”

Always ask a successful person what they would have done differently on their investment journey, knowing what they know today?

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