Do you want another Million $’s in your super when you retire?

Retiring with another $1 million in your Super is easier than you know, if that is what you want?

SMSF property
How will a Million Dollars extra in Super positively change your life

Having more money in Retirement is achievable, when your really want it … do you ?

Think about it “you are already investing the money, the amount does not change, just giving yourself choice for the exact same $’s is what changes!!

it’s that simple, you only want to want it !

What would you do with another $1 million Dollars in your Super at retirement? Seriously, what would you do if you had another million dollars in your super available to you … would it make a difference … if yes … what would that look like for you??

Most Australians just don’t bother with their Super for some strange reason, but if you did give it just a bit of attention, it is that easy to retire with a lot more that you otherwise would by ignoring it or giving it too little attention. Why is that, to literally ignore 9% of your annual salary year after year after year … why?  It just does not make sense when you think about it, does it? It’s like “Hello!!” is anybody home !!!

The easy way is to take control of where and how you invest in Super and if it suits, set up a Self Managed Super Fund to give you full control of your Super’s Destiny.

You will know whether it suits you by talking to your accountant or industry professional who can offer you advice. What we will share with you today is not advice in any way, it is merely investment logic, which your industry professional can verify for you.

I am sure you would be aware of the word Compounding, when applied to investment we talk about the incredible power of Compounding Growth which means annual growth ontop of the previous years growth and we can demonstrate its incredible power using numbers.

Having said that, let’s look at the power of compounding interest and what that does to your end value at the time of your retirement.

The Power of Compounding Interest & Growth

Assuming you have the following in your Super :

  • $100k balance
  • You are having 9.5% contributions paid into your super on your behalf of $8,550 per annum
  • And you have 25 until you retire

Currently, your Monies are invested in a Retail Industry Fund @ say 7% long term average yield less fees = 6.5% (guestimate)

So after 25 years you will have $986,260 balance in Super to retire on.

If you invested this amount @ 5%, you will receive a monthly income of $4.100 and with inflation probably way below a half decent standard of living in 25 years’ time you will agree. Yes or Yes?

How to retire with more $’s in your pocket

Again, the same Monies you have in your super if invested in a SMSF, where you have choice and control @ say an average of 12% performance long term average, less fees = 11% (guestimate)

Now after 25 years that is significantly more $’s in your super with around $2,336,780 balance.

Invested at retirement @ say the same 5% … that is $9,736 income per month OR a whopping $5,636 more per week.

A far more livable income to help you live the life you want and deserve for yourself, after all those years of hard work, you would have to agree. Is that a Yes or a Yes. Thank you.

This is an incredible massive difference of $1,350,520 in this example.

What would an extra $1.3 million do for your retirement? How much of a difference would this make to your life and those around you when you retire?

How many positive impacts can you make having sufficient funds at retirement, when you are able to live the life you deserve and want for yourself?

Investing in Investment Grade property, in a Self Managed Super Fund, has the potential to generate these type of returns so that you can live the life you deserve and want for yourself.

To make a financial difference, act today!

Talk to us at properT network, we had 15 years financial planning experience and gave that up because the industry products just did not suit our clients, and for the past 16 years our focus has been on matching ‘best fit’ investment grade property, to meet our clients end goals, purpose for their investment and their reasons why they want to invest and why it is important to them to make a massive financial difference in their lives.

We only have one life, you have choice, live it!

Where do you feel and think you should go from here and is this a priority you wish to solve??

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