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Looking for a High Yield Investment Property?

yields of 12% to 16% per annum

Our Mission “Provide you the investor with an end-to-end solution and pathway from sourcing land, designing the home, building the home through to introduction to SDA Providers who will source participants and manage your property for you!” Our designs and builds are built ‘fit for purpose’ of the NDIS, the Participants, their families and their carers to attract participants sooner and keep them longer.

What is SDA Property under the NDIS?

Australian Federal Government have incentivised you the investor to build a dwelling for the purpose of accommodating people with disability who want to live as normal a life as possible in our own communities.

NDIS Property is a truly Feel Great Investment, when you can help someone in far greater need than yourself and in return your reward is a very high rental guarantee in a risk mitigated investment … you win, the tenants win and the government save some of your taxes for you also.

NDIS incentivise you with incredible yields for doing so!

SDA Property Yields

SDA Property or as some call it NDIS Property offer yields that vary from around 10% pa up to even 20% per annum linked to CPI.

Where else, can you achieve incredibly sound returns on your investment where the underlying asset is a property, in a risk mitigated scheme, underwritten and promulgated in Law by the Australian Government, in an environment with very high demand with as low a risk profile?

The answer is nowhere!

NDIS Property

High Yield, the benefits thereof

Your opportunity to own an ongoing high yielding asset for *free

Think of all the benefits of earning say $100,000 per annum linked to CPI over a 20 year period off an investment of around $630,000.

  • Use the income to pay off your own home loan that much quicker
  • Use the income to fund your other investment properties
  • Invest the income in stocks or equities
  • Boost your Super by setting up a SMSF and securing a SDA Property in the Fund
  • Boost your Retirement income with a risk mitigated investment whilst doing a fantastic turn for those less fortunate
  • Grow and Secure your own wealth helping others

“SDA Property is essentially a risk mitigated investment in a Residential Property, purposefully set out to house a person with disability … allowing them to live, work and thrive in and amongst our communities.

Help us make a difference & accommodate as many humans with disability, in purposefully built homes & make a positive impact, when you give someone with a disability the gift of “the of living as normal a life as possible, that includes independence and an ability to thrive.”

Why would the Government offer such high Yields?

Why does the Government offer such high yields and not just build more housing for people with disability?

Think about it : It costs us the Tax Payer around $1 Million Dollars to accommodate a person with a disability right now where they are being housed. This is a significant amount anyone would agree. So it makes sense that you the investor get around $38,000 per participant accommodated in your NDIS Property. Yes or Yes?

For someone who is paraplegic and in hospital this figure is around $1,800 per day. The problem is once this disabled person is capable of leaving hospital there is no where for them to go so they remain in hospital way longer than necessary costing us the Tax Payer significant amounts.

This is why the Australian Government designed the NDIS / SDA program incentivising you the investor to put your hand up and build a new SDA Property for which you can then achieve very high rental yields, linked to CPI for a minimum of 20 years!

Current and Future Demand by Tenants

With around 400,000 people who could qualify as an applicant under the NIDS for SDA homes, there are 6,000 young people currently incorrectly and so sadly housed in Retirement Facilities there are also 28,000 NDIS qualified participants without suitable housing. The demand incredibly outstrips any supply.

People with disability are also living longer thanks to modern medicine, this too results in the need for NDIS Housing increasing …

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NDIS Housing
NDIS Housing