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South East Queensland

OUTCOMES the SEQ City Deal focus to achieve meaningful outcomes

Quick Facts & Snippets

SEQ Region is home to one in seven Australians.

Home to more than 3.8m people, choosing to call SEQ home.

Fastest growing region in Australia.

Economic emerging Powerhouse.

Thriving industries and Businesses creating new opportunities for employment.

SEQ offers lifestyle, innovation and investment.

The Deal Partners for SEQ CITY DEAL include the Australian Government, Queensland Government and the Council of Mayors (SEQ), representing the interests of eleven councils and the interest of one in seven Australians. With a focus on “Transforming the Region’s future together!”

SEQ is already a major economic gateway and home to world-class researchers, producers, innovators and entrepreneurs, with a growing population placing increasing demand on the region’s infrastructure, services and amenities – as well as housing.

Planned population growth to 5.37m – adding another 1.58m new residents calling SEQ home. If there is an average of 2.34 people to a dwelling, the region requires another 672,214 NEW DWELLINGS over the next 20 years!

OR 2,800 new dwellings every month for the next 20 years. A massive ask … and your investment opportunity.

Exceptionally high demand on property to own or rent. Insufficient supply. Exacerbated by low supply of materials, insufficient trades people, sadly further exacerbated by recent floods placing further pressure on trades and materials. Compounded by exceptionally low vacancy rates making it nearly impossible to find a rental property in sought after locations.

South East Queensland

South East Queensland and Brisbane continue to present well as sound investment locations for capital growth potential and healthy rental yields.

The SEQ government and stakeholders continue to plan, budget and act upon strategies that will :

  • Attract Population Growth
  • Create and provide for new Jobs
  • Plan for more liveable cities and regional centres
  • Establish thriving communities
  • Build and provide faster connectivity through roads, public transport and improved infrastructure
  • Become Global Players and improve on export competitiveness
  • Whilst locally create opportunities to build high value employment in advanced manufacturing, agribusiness, transport, logistics and innovation sectors.

Government Investment

When ever a government invests in a location, it creates Jobs. Jobs attract population growth for work and lifestyle.

Government invite industry to invest, they too create new jobs, and again these new jobs attract population growth.

This growth in population places upward pressure on the supply of dwellings, established and new to own or rent.

Ongoing demand for property continues to drive capital growth and rental yields.

Your investment opportunity.

$128 Billion Dollars of Infrastructure Investment into Brisbane and SEQ

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