SMSF Property Investment

Maximising Leverage, Rental Income + Compounding Growth!

How will having another $Million dollars in Super benefit your retirement?

incredibly easy to achieve watch video here

How to Take Control of your own Super Destiny to reach your own Financial Goals Faster

Free : SMSF + Property Consultation ?

The team at properT network will demonstrate how investing in a property in Super can benefit you and your family’s financial future; unlike any industry fund; we will answer your questions and direct you to a preferred professional to draft your Investment Strategy and set up a legally compliant Self Managed Super Fund

Investing in a well matched Property in Super can give you :

Over $1 Million Dollars more in Super at retirement (watch video how here)

Control over how your super funds are being invested

Choice and flexibility of what to invest in to maximise your returns

Whilst electing to remain in a Risk Profile to suit your strategy for the SMSF

Maximising tax advantages where available thus adding further gain to your SMSF

Looking to increase revenue helping you to more easily reach your financial goals, perhaps in a quicker time frame

Demonstrating how making the use of Leverage can assist in accelerating your financial planning strategy that much quicker

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Planning to Retire in the Lifestyle you want and rightfully deserve for yourself with more

Setting up a SMSF gives you control, choice and the ability to retire with a lot more money in your Super. If you could retire with $1m more in super, how much of a difference will that make to allowing you to live in retirement, instead of merely existing??