SMSF Property Investment

A ground-breaking solution to give you choice and flexibility

Did you know !

Many people don’t realize that Self-Managed Superannuation Fund investments can be more than just stocks and bonds. While these types of securities can be great for producing consistent returns, there are other ways to significantly grow your retirement portfolio.

👉  One of those methods is SMSF property investing, which means using your retirement savings to secure income-producing real estate.

👉 properT network specialises in SMSF property investing. We have created a simple blueprint for using SMSF investments, to finance the development of the real estate.

Currently, SMSF Investors cannot invest in properties with a two-part contract, which limits their investment options. We offer a solution which solves that problem, by entering into a two-part contract with the builder, while you the investor enters a one-part contract with us.

A groundbreaking solution to enable you to invest in all types of brand new House & Land packages and NDIS properties in superannuation!

How Does a One Contract Property work?

Step One

properT network helps you find the land, choose a builder and decide how much money you’d like to invest. You are completely free to choose exactly where and how you’d like to invest your money.

Step Two

The SMSF pays a 35% deposit and enters into a contract with 'One Contract Property'. They acquire the land and oversee the construction of the property. They will also take care of paying the builder, as well as any holding costs and interest on behalf of your SMSF.

Step Three

Once the project is complete, the SMSF pays the remaining 65%, and the property is transferred over to the SMSF. Now you will have an income-bearing investment property owned by your SMSF that can be sold at a higher price, or rented out to create consistent cash flow.

Your Choice!

With us, you are in the driver’s seat. We provide expertise and experience, to ensure the process goes off without hassle free. Your SMSF can secure a brand new home and land package or NDIS property, with the help of a one-part contract!

Are you ready to start adding brand-new investment properties to your retirement portfolio to maximise your return on investment in Super?

An Intelligent Retirement Income Investment for increased Retirement Capital + Income Investment.

How will another $Million Dollars in super benefit your retirement?

Are you looking for a foolproof retirement income investment? Then you should consider real estate in Super. In these chaotic times, it can be difficult to predict where the stock market is going to go.

With so many changes happening so rapidly globally, it’s tough to know what is going to make a sound investment in the future and not risk your capital. But investing in real estate is always a sound investment.

Property is a scarce asset that always has value, no matter what is happening in the broader market and a well placed property will always be sought after by tenants wanting to rent it.

Real estate investing is a bit more complex than simply purchasing a stock or bond and collecting the returns. It takes more time, skills and experience, which may be overwhelming for some.

At properT network, we specialise in SMSF property investments, to help you the investor build your retirement savings through astute real estate investment strategies.

Setting up a SMSF gives you control, choice and the ability to retire with a lot more money in your Super. If you could retire with $1m more in super, how much of a difference will that make to allowing you to live in retirement, instead of merely existing??

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