What is a Buyers Advocate and why use a Buyers Agent?

Simply put, an experienced buyers agent has access to both on market and off market properties in the location you are after. Having access to both markets widens your choice and eliminates some competition. Another advantage is that a buyers agent will negotiate hard on your behalf, removing all emotion, stress and more often than not save you money and save you from making the wrong purchase decision.

When you don’t know what you don’t know how will you make an informed decision when looking for and analysing properties?

Do you have access to ‘off market’ properties, if not, this widens your options and allows us to source ‘best fit’ properties to suit your investment objectives.

When we get to know and understand what it is you are looking for in a property, what your investment strategy is, locations you are looking in, or locations you want advice on, the type of dwelling, your budget and ultimately your purpose for the investment property … only then can we perform at our optimum.

Unbiased, Independent Advice

Being fiercely independent we always have your interest at heart, putting you first in all that we do on your behalf. Why? Simple, this way we sleep at night, this way you come back to us for your next property and this way you will refer us based on your own personal experiences you get to love from properT network.

Having said that, when you commit to properT network you are also committing to being challenged, to challenging us, to ask questions whilst being totally transparent in your thinking and results you discover from your own due diligence.

Deliberately designed this way to help you come to a highly informed investment decision, prior to concluding the investment. An informed decision will ensure you have a lot more value after the 7 – 10 year period you hold the investment property for.

Transparency and Asking the Hard Questions

The difference between a comfortable investment decision and a challenging difficult decision is worth thousands upon thousands of $’s to you over the life of the investment.

If it is imperative to you, as it is to us, to get the decision correct from the outset as a platform for your next and next investments then properT network is your go to team. We love it when you sleep soundly at night!

Are you after informed and educated advice and a clear pathway on your purchase journey and are you ready to commit to yourself and your goals? If yes, reach out to us now and we will guide you through the myriad of choice, options, what to look for, what to avoid and more using our seamless process.

Buying to Live or wanting to Invest, it only takes a short time to get to know, like and trust us?

If we have to sell something to you, then we have done it all wrong. When you come to an informed investment decision then you and I have done it all the right way!