Sunshine Coast Investment Property

SunCentral Maroochydore CBD is a 20 year project generating thousands of new jobs

Growth Continues unabated

When a government and industry invest in a location, it makes sound sense to do your due diligence and look to invest there also

Back in 2013, the former Horton Park Golf Club was declared a Priority Development Area by the Queensland Government to be developed into what is transitioning into a new First World CBD called SunCentral.

There continues to be a rapid transformation of SunCentral where today you will witness multiple tower cranes, and hundreds and millions of dollars of investment currently under way within the Maroochydore CBD.

As projected, this hive of activity is creating thousands of new jobs in what is a 20 year program of turning what was once a golf course into a First World mixed use CBD. The new 53ha CBD is the first stage of this multi billion project and investment into infrastructure on the Sunshine Coast, followed by mixed commercial and residential development. Projected to deliver over 160,000 sq/m of commercial, retail and residential facilities.

Planned and Deliberate Growth

Sunshine Coast Council major projects director Debra Robinson said that despite the slowdown brought about by the global health crisis, the region’s population, which is currently 335,000, remains on track to reach 500,000 by 2041.

“Intra-state migration is now higher than it was pre-Covid. We understand the population figures and know that people are coming and we need to cater for that growth,” Robinson said.

“Council has a range of tools in its kit-bag to move ahead more rapidly.

“There is an amendment program for the current planning scheme for projects and opportunities within the planning framework that cannot wait.

“These tools can be used for priority matters that can’t wait in regards to a new planning scheme—such as housing.

“We also have the ability, albeit something this council rarely does, to use temporary level planning instruments are another way that council can look to have an interim planning response.”

SunCentral is a well planned city centre that will link into a number of city-wide public transport infrastructure initiatives, the expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport, the recently build University Hospital and many other major infrastructure projects, comfortably delivering Australia’s 10th largest city into the next century.

Foundation Place was the new city’s first building which completed September 2020, with construction of the Market Lane Residences and the Holiday Inn Express ans suites now well under way. A1 the latest $2.1bn proposed commercial building has just lodged plans to put foward a 6 storey office block on 1,200 sq.m in the heart of Maroochydore.

Your Investment Opportunity

Sunshine Coast continues to present as a favorable investment opportunity on the back of massive government and industry investment into the area, creating new jobs, increased population growth planned and accelerated due to Covid coming in for jobs and lifestyle, low supply of residential property, increasing demand for residential property to own or rent. Read more here

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