What you should know about investing in SDA property under the NDIS

The NDIS is a highly successful initiative across Australia with half a million participants and an estimated 6% qualifying for SDA packages to live in a SDA dwelling.

NDIS Property
Not all NDIS properties are investment grade

As the SDA industry matures, investors need to become further educated on the complexities surrounding this investment opportunity.

As consultants in this space, we have put together several articles for your ease of finding accurate and simple reading material and offer you the following links.

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Not all NDIS properties are investment grade or worthy of your investment $’s.

Marketing groups are appealing to your fear of missing out and your greed, when the purchase price looks very affordable and the yields as a comparison look significant … you would want to discover what it is that you don’t know that you don’t know before you put your hand up to grab it.

Build to a level that has the Participant in mind first and foremost! Meaning invest more upfront to attract participants and hold onto them for longer. Cheap upfront is expensive going forwards. This is a longer term investment, make the most of it because you have every opportunity of getting it right at the outset and a whole lot of choice.

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