Why do most investors ever own 1 property?

Life is meant to be simple, yet most deliberately choose to over complicate it on purpose!

Over 80% of our fellow human race will never (NEVER) be able to afford to retire or retire in the lifestyle that they deserve and want. Why is this? And why do they make this deliberate choice to be financially challenged?

From experience and attitude, I know that money does grow on trees when you plant the right trees, and money is a fantastic tool with which I can keep on making many positive impacts on my life, my families life and also on other peoples lives and the planet too.

<strong>What is your relationship to and with money and is it best serving you<strong>

Relationship to and with money

Less than 20% of first world countries can afford to retire and can afford to retire in the lifestyle they want and deserve.

The 80%’ters, on the other hand, own a poor relationship to and with money due to programming from parents, teachers, friends … where they were brainwashed into believing that “money is evil / money does not grow on trees / rich people are terrible people / rich people had to step onto other people to make themselves rich” … a long list of shocking negative programming you would have to sit back, reflect on and agree that by trying to validate their own position in life they got is so wrong and passed this down onto you!

Being financially strapped or Financially Secure is a choice, make no mistake about that!

“either choice, you are right”

For those who do own a healthy relationship to and with money, what do they, by choice, do differently that anyone and every one else can do?

The answer is so blatantly simple, but the effort to change one’s programmed belief is the challenge.

Think about it : we were all born with the same self-worth, it is how we were influenced which has left us all with different degrees of how we now see ourselves. Meaning we are all born with the same opportunity to make that difference.

Going back to pure basics on how your brain is working for you even whilst you are reading this blog … and the outcome of what you get out of this information is going to be determined by the current belief you hold and the thoughts you own and choose.

What do I mean?

I am going to share an eye opening lesson that is applicable in every aspect of your life (the work you do, your fitness, what you eat, who your friends are, how much alcohol you consume, your attitude to life, the amount of money you have in the bank right now etc) it all comes directly from your thoughts!

Right now you have a belief, meaning the thoughts you choose are aligned to this belief which then drive your emotions. Your emotions which are aligned to your thoughts determine the action you take and or the action you do not take = which give you the results you get.

Slice and dice this anyway you want, when you are honest with yourself, it is blatantly evident that “the results you get, come from your emotions and your thoughts, which are aligned to your belief.”

Meaning, if you want different results then you are going to consciously and deliberately choose the thoughts which are going to best serve you to give you the results you do want. Is this starting to make sense to you now?

What do the rich do that keeps on making them money?

Wealthy people own a different set of beliefs, they are conscious of the thoughts they choose to have, which will then allow them to take the action they need, to give them the results which they want.

We know “Our thoughts create our emotions which drive our actions which give us the results we get that are aligned to our belief.”

Einstein summed it up so brilliantly “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.”

We also know that we can change our beliefs, and have been doing so most of our lives. So why not deliberately change the thoughts and beliefs you have today that are not serving you but are still giving you the results you get, which you are dissatisfied with? Ask Einstein what he thinks about this?

To do this we have to challenge the teachings and love we have for our parents, teachers or friends and this is frikkin difficult! How is it possible to go against the people we love? Hey, if you are content and honest with yourself that what you have in the results you keep getting is what you honestly want then there is no need to change.

BUT if deep down you know that you are comfortably very uncomfortable and understand you own the power to grow and evolve to where you want to be and deserve to be, then becoming conscious of your thoughts is vital to the process of choosing the thoughts you do want and need, to give you the new results you do want and deserve.

Is this starting to make some sense to you?

Knowing this, is there any valid reason to deliberately choose to be comfortably uncomfortable with your lot in life when now you are forearmed that is is all a matter of choice?

So back to how people become financially secure and free

Now that you have consciously decided that you own the self-worth and belief that you too have as much right and opportunity to become financially independent, there are guidelines in place to ensure you achieve the goals you do want, where money does grow on trees when you plant the right trees, and where there is a life in which you can now create positive impacts for yourself and others.

Guidelines such as how to invest and manage your time and money whilst avoiding deliberate mistakes the 80%’ters make. Are you ready?

Risk Averse versus Mitigating Risk

Being risk averse keeps you in your previous mindset where you were amongst those who will not retire. Yet mitigating risk by educating yourself to the point of being able to make an informed decision will immediately give you new results.

If you find you are making a comfortable decision, this is a clear indication that you have defaulted to your prior programming which will give you the results you keep getting.

When you are challenged and also challenge yourself to make a decision outside of your own comfort zone, you are now in growth mode and will get different results. Is this making sense for you?

Wealthy people make informed and educated decisions to mitigate risk in matching the ‘best fit’ Investment Vehicle to their goals.

Fear or Greed

Most purchase decisions are made out of these two Emotions alone!

Fear of missing out, or greed of how fantastic the numbers look … and their results being an emotive decision never play out in their favor, do they.

To be successful with your decision, it has to come from a place devoid of emotion. It has to come from a place of being well informed, where the numbers which will drive and underpin your investment stack up and are well suited to the outcome you want for your investment.

Fear or Greed being emotive depends on hope and prayer; and when you revert back to what I shared with you earlier and you are honest with yourself you will discover that the decision you made at the time emanated directly from your thoughts which aligned to your belief which drove your emotions that then gave you the results you got. Yes or yes?


Optimism allows you to face your adversities and adversaries with a sense of purpose and equanimity, where you are optimistic that tomorrow will be a better day than today, and that the next person you meet will be a better human being than the last one you met, and that you look forward to life with a sense of wonderment, in which your next decision will be purposefully aligned with your new belief.

When you own an optimistic disposition, you allow your own resilience to manifest; which then drives the thoughts which you need, to take the action required to give you the results you want.

Optimism is just a state of mind, owning a positive and creative mind allows you to grow, create and to attract what you do want in life.

What this means to you is that without Optimism in the life you want and deserve, you will be devoid of resilience and succumb to avoiding taking the required challenged decisions.

Successful investors have a goal which they own, and a burning desire to achieve these goals, and do not let anything come between them and what they want and deserve to achieve. This is their reality onto which their investment decisions and commitment to them are anchored.

Following the herd being a ‘sheeple’

I love that new buzzword sheeple, sheeple are people who behave like sheep and follow the herd.

To be successful you are required to rise above the herd and do things differently. Damn, it is so easy to make comfortable decisions which result in achieving the exact same results we don’t want.

It is far more challenging and uncomfortable to rise above what we thought we know and believe in, to give us the new results we deserve.

We can only achieve this by deliberately leaving the comfort of the herd and soaring with the proverbial eagles. Have a plan, own a strategy and stick to it for the medium to long term, through ups and downs. Continue to evolve personally as a human being and financially, because of owning new thoughts to give you the results you deserve.

Investing in Property for some is exceptionally lucrative and does help them accelerate their financial planning goals and yours when you are open to learning and being challenged.

Anyone can buy a property

NB!! Very few properties are Investment Grade.

What do we mean by this, aren’t all properties the same?

In short “No!” and easily proved by the numbers which underpin and will drive your investment. When you get this wrong, it affects all your finances in life going forwards, this is how important it is to get the decision correct from the outset. Makes sense?

When you don’t know what you don’t know, how do you make an informed investment decision?

Successful people are open to always learning, evolving and sharing their knowledge and skills. They deliberately do this for the purpose of achieving their goals.

A successful person always wants to learn what they do not know, so that they can make that informed and educated prudent investment.

Like we said, “anyone can buy a property, and when they do the results are more often than not dire.” When they know more than industry professionals, it is a clear sign that they trust their friends or peers more than they trust themselves or trust those in the know.

It is also an obvious sign that they own a poor relationship with money and subconsciously know that a poor performing investment will give them the exact results which match their emotions, their thoughts and their beliefs. Kind of a subconscious ‘correcting for the mistake’ behavior.

They then tend to ever own one property which they are unhappy with. They may sell and then repeat the same mistake again, because their thinking has not evolved and remains aligned to their current belief.

Can you now see the importance of aligning your belief and thoughts to the outcome you do deserve? The importance of understanding this will allow you to successfully source a property which is Investment Grade.

Its so ludicrous that for the exact same dollars invested, the person who does not even know what they don’t know and has no desire to do so, more often than not, and to their own financial detriment, buys the wrong property. You may ask why, read above, their decision came from the exact place their belief system resides in and not in the belief system and thoughts they ought to own in order to invest successfully.

So what is the answer?

Firstly, if you are looking to buy a property for investment you are doing yourself a complete disservice!

Why, you may be asking?

Anyone who Buys and Investment (oxymoron) is doomed to achieving lower results compared to someone who “Invests” in a property.

Think of it this way, do you ride a bicycle to not fall off OR do you ride a bicycle to stay on? When you go to the bank, do you say I want to buy an investment or do you ask what is the best way to invest my money?

We buy food, buy a fridge or a car and NOT expect a Return on Investment just from short term gratification … meaning when it comes to investing you INVEST.

Starting out with this subtle yet imperative mindset, you are then open to matching the Investment Vehicle to your goals and strategy, and are already on the front foot towards a substantially increased Return on Investment over the life of the investment.

When you go out and buy a property, it becomes an expense and you do not expect much from the outcome.

Property Investment, when performed correctly, will accelerate your own financial planning goals. And when you elect to invest say half a million dollars, I’d imagine you want to get the decision correct from the outset. Yes or Yes?

If yes, then why not work with industry professionals who have your interest at heart, who will work alongside of you to ensure that you are educated and skilled to make your own informed Investment Decision?

The difference of getting it wrong OR getting it Right over the life of your investment could be half a million dollars!

On the understanding that you have chosen to own a new belief and deliberately choose thoughts that will best serve you … would you prefer to be minus $500,000 or positive $1 Million better off, for the same upfront commitment?

SMSF Property Investment

When you don’t know what you don’t know, how do you make an informed investment decision?

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