Why I would not invest in SDA property

SDA Property Investment

Investing in a SDA property under the NDIS can be complex but more importantly requires making a decision which will sit outside of 80% of investors comfort zone.

What do we mean?

We have had countless conversations with want to be investors who are attracted to the incredibly high yields a NDIS property could give them … and with over 80% of these investors they all look for the reasons “why this is not a sound investment?”

As risk mitigated as a NDIS property is, as soon as a decision which is outside of those we consult comfort zone they search out reasons to support why a SDA property won’t work.

Like anything in life, we seek evidence to support our belief! So if investing in anything takes us out of our position of who we believe we are in life or deserve in life, it is natural we find evidence to back this up whilst ignoring factual evidence which will prove us to be wrong. We don’t want to be proven wrong! Do we?

We compiled reasons why we would not invest in a SDA property which can be found here … let us know your thoughts.

AND if you are one of the 20% who actively match the investment vehicle to your goals and purpose for the investment, and SDA property under the NDIS could tick your investment boxes for you – reach out to us for an open, frank discussion.

At properT network, with us, we avoid the marketing hype and glory and what you see is what you get. After all, as consultants in this space we source property that meets your requirements, meaning we do not hold stock and do not offer cookie cutter property or appeal to your greed or fear of missing out. We leave that to others.

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      It is my pleasure, we value the encouragement as we are passionate about all things NDIS and SDA Property.

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